MyCloud Home username for Linux when connecting the drive to the Network

When I connect to the MyCloud through the Network tab in the Files program, I can see the MyCloud device. I double click and get a dialog box asking for my username and password. I know my password, but not my username. When I first setup the MyCloud Home, I provided my First and Last name and my email, not a username. How can I find my username to put in the Dialogbox for Linux?

Usually for the MyCloud HOME: User: guest & Pass: nothing
Maybe on a Linux System: Anonymous

Just select the “Anonymous” option.

If I select Anonymous, I do not see anything. How do I cancel the Anonymous setting again?

How can I know the username?

Unless, during your setup, you created specific shares with specific users, then you only have one share of interest: Public.

And that is what you’ll see when you select Anonymous and then click “Connect.”

Just tested it on my Ubuntu 18.04 system and it works fine.

The setup was automatic , I only gave my Name, Surname, email and password. So I guess that I am the one user. Without a username. If I invite other users, they will get separate user areas and will only see the Family folder, so the MCH is restricting the access to the personal areas, right. Can I run the setup again, now, when all my files already are on the drive? At the moment, I am using the web interface.

the same issue im facing with Macbook air. but i don’t know what is the password or username cuz i didn’t create any username or password.