MyCloud Home - Plex to Sony TV

Hi - I’ve just installed Plex on a new MyCloud Home device. I have a Sony Bravia from Nov 2010 (so can’t load the App). I had to enable DLNA in order to get the TV to obtain stored pictures via Plex.

The folder stucture shows fine. My problem is that the pictures only display very small in the centre of the TV screen. It does “next” and “slideshow” OK but still with very small photos.

I’ve tried all the settings on the TV and have looked for setting in Plex. Any assistance to get normal sized pictures onto the TV would be very welcome. Thanks.

Probably helpful to post up a screen shot so others can view what “very small photos” really mean

Thanks, I’ll do that

I’ve uploaded a picture of the TV showing how small the picture is displayed.

YIKES!! you may get better answers in the forums.
I’ve never seen anything like that before