MYCloud Home "Offline"

Same problem here in The Netherlands. I am sure it’s a WD problem and it is not the first time.
We propably have to wait until they restart their servers or something like that.

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After 2 hours on the phone this morning, i finally got told that the My Cloud Home server is down. I asked why this wasn’t being posted for users and didn’t really get an answer other than “engineering are working on it”. It’s ridiculous. I am one of the users that replaced the unsupported OS3 device and now i can’t even set up my new device. Really annoyed at this and if it isn’t fixed by tomorrow i’ll be returning it and going elsewhere.


Estoy en la misma situación es totalmente lamentable, la falta de información por parte de WD

Same problem from Czechia


Same problem here. Can see the device and ping it on my local network, can see public and time machine folders on LAN but no access to other shares, just comes up as off-line

Can see it on mobile apps but that’s useless when I’m trying to access non-standard file formats

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Dam at least they should have alerted us that the server is down so that we all know. Totally ridiculous support


exactly the same! Can not access via mobile phone app neither the web. Can only visit folder Public in Local network. hmm…maybe the server failed?


WD Admin Staff or eles please give us an answer or any reply to make us know what the next step is???
Show us your reponsibilities please

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Same problem here. Emailed WD and was given multiple troubleshooting methods. Asked if it was a server problem as I did not want to spend hours troubling shooting like I did in Oct 2021 but no reply.

If I worked for WD I’d be looking for a new job, if things don’t change this company is doomed. With the mybook live hack, the my cloud end of service disaster and now the regular my cloud home connection issues. Need a change of leadership to try and save this sinking ship.

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Check server status, there is finally update, Issue with proxy.


Same problem at me.
Kann nur auf die Daten von zu Hause aus zugreifen…

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เกิดอะไรขึ้นกับพวกมืง WD เชี่ยเอ้ย กูทำงานไม่ได้ จะซื้อของมืงมาใช้ทำเหี้ยอะไรว้ะ ถ้าเเม่งจะปัญหาเยอะขนาดนี้ กูเอาเงินไปเช่า Google drive, dropbox หรือเหี้ยไรก็ได้ แม่งจะได้ไม่เกิดปัญหาโง่ๆ แบบนี้ ไอ่ควยยยยย

ถ้าพวกมืงเอาคอมเม้นกูไปแปลใน google translate พวกมืงอย่าหาว่ากูหยาบ ไอ่สัด กูเสียหาย จะส่งงานแล้วไอ่เหี้ย รีบซ่อม Server ของพวกมืงได้แล้ว จะให้รอถึงปีหน้าหรอไงว้ะ

จะแบนกูก็แบนเลย แต่ให้รู้ไว้ว่ากูแบน Product มืงแล้ว


Same here!!

Still down in Scotland. Didn’t even know this is possible - would not have bought the ■■■■ thing had I understood their server side issues can render a local NAS drive useless.

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■■■■, I’ve been rebooting & reinstalling all the devices in the world, then I discovered this message board :slight_smile:
not a small issue, uh?

Buonasera io sono italiano e da oggi pomeriggio ho lo stesso problema, sono possessore di un my cloud home ed è sempre offline non mi consente di visualizzare i miei dati credo sia assurda questa cosa. WD cercate di rimediare nel più breve tempo possibile questo problema poiché causa gravi danni a tutti gli utenti che utilizzano questo strumento per lavoro. Grazie

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My Cloud OS 5: Firmware Availability and Supported Devices (

Can someone access to this cloud server yet?

I have been waiting for days. Hope i not need to wait until next new year

Just want to access my files and no use of this trash any more.

Hi guys,

The problem has been fixed. I now have access to my client folder via the web. I suppose it will be the case when they get to the office later today.
I will post again when I get an update from staffs if they can access files from their desktops.
My advice to mitigate against not having access to ur files when WD servers goes down in the future is to configure ur files to be accessible offline as well as remotely, the only down side is it’s will use up space on your PC storage.
Thanks all