MyCloud Home Not working after

Everything was was working just fine with My Cloud home until this the new update ( for Windows 10. Everything has gone haywire now and the drive is acting crazy. The drive is extremely slow and sluggish when i try to access it and the syncing process is stalled. Nothing is syncing anymore.

Same here. Any luck?

Hi Augusto…after noticing that there were severe processor and memory loads being placed on my PC, I unsynced all of the folders from the MyCloud drive. I also completely uninstalled all of the WD discovery software and erased the contents of the My Cloud. After this My PC calmed down and went back to normal. I was surprised this was happening because I have a pretty hefty rig but it was obvious that the WD discovery and Cloud were causing the issue since files that had already been synced were having issues resyncing again. It’s like it was stuck or something. Folders had black backgrounds behind them and the sync icons weren’t updating correctly showing that fully synced folders were unsynced. I don’t know what they did, but they took something that was working and really screwed it up in this last update. I am reattempting this process one more time. If they screw this up again, I will not be setting this up anymore since it takes way too long to sync files. I will look elsewhere for network storage. If you decide to do any of what I just mentioned…definitely make sure you unsync all of the folders first before you do anything or you may end up with data loss on your primary folders. I then wiped the drive before resyncing because if you unsync and resysnc it will place duplicate copies of folders on your drive. Previously synced folders will not resync for some reason. it will create a totally new sync folder.

Thanks for your response, damnt this is very bad but that’s exactly what i done for fixing problem. I hope wd fix that issue asap

Same issues for me
I am on Windows 10 familly edition