MyCloud Home LAN setup? Data traffic and connectivity

OK … so I got this 3TB MyCloud Home device. I figured I could install a Plex server on it directly so I don’t have to have a Plex server running on a laptop or a desktop. That worked fine.

Now … I have an older 2TB Time Capsule that I keep all my media files on and a Mac mini connected to it by ethernet cable. I connected the My Cloud Home device to the Time capsule with another ethernet and started copying data from the TC to the My Cloud … but then noticed that my internet data transfer went through the roof. Does this mean that the transfer/copy is not going through the LAN but are going through the servers on the WAN, even if all the devices are connected together on the same LAN???

Then again does that mean that every time I watch a movie through a Plex server on the MyCloud Home device … it will not be streaming from the device on the LAN but through the WAN??? I am a little bit confused about how this works.

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Unfortunately, yes.

Welcome to the club.

Wow … that is just insane. Why the hell would they make the device work this way??? Is there no way to change it? I have been reading some other posts and there seems to be now way to mount the device as an external drive either … which is also just ridiculous. If this will be the case … I will never buy any products whatsoever from WD again!!!

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