MyCloud Home - LAN & managable switch & computer as server (no internet)?

Dear All,

I have a MyCloud Home and need to connect it to a computer for backups through a managable switch.
There is no internet.


@daviid Before buying, did you do any research about this device? Have you searched the Knowledge Base?

@daviid My Cloud Home requires a network router with internet connection to function properly.

Hello cat0w,

I saw several YouTube tutorials telling it was possible to have a static IP address on MyCloud to connect to a computer directly. But i cannot find the same WD software to set the IP address, maybe it was possible on previous MyClouds and not anymore.

Also Mycloud is supposed to be a NAS, but it seems that the management is done, as any free internet cloud, from the internet. I don’t really see much advantages to purchase, house and supply a Disk that has no much advantages than a usual cloud…

Whenever I need to access my data remotely, i have to pay internet for that disk to SEND its data AND I have to pay the internet on my cell phone to GET the data…

I have no more control over that disk than an online cloud.

If i have a LAN and need users to access the network data according to access rights, I can’t without internet…

If i occasionally connect to the internet to make the configuration, that configuration is lost whenever that disk or the client computer reboots…

What is the point of purchasing such a disk?

Can i at least use it as a regular external or even internal HDD ?

Is there only one mode to us it (internet) ?

Thank you for your information,