MyCloud Home IOS APP How do you even download a file?

Hello guys,

I have my MyCloud setup and have downloaded the IOS App. However where is the options to download my files to my IOS device? I can view them, select them and open them but how do you physically download them so they’re on your device?

@TheSource “Save to Camera Roll” is supported on native mobile device content. If the “Save To Camera Roll” option is not visible, the content cannot be saved to the Camera Roll.

I can save photos though not videos?

I have the same issue - I have videos (in the plex server folder) that never open in the plex app or even VLC and I find I cannot download them to my device

From the folder view, tap the 3 dots on the right side. In the menu that pops up, tap “Select” then check the video you want to save to your phone and tap the “Share” icon in the bottom left corner. Tap “Send a copy” in the menu that pops up. Wait for the share screen to come up and select “Save Video” to download it to the Photos app or “Save to Files” to save it in the Files app.

For whatever reason, the “Send a copy” option only shows up for me if I go through the Select > Share process, and I can only save them one at a time.

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Kudos - thanks for this tip downloading some videos now, bummer tho that WD made it so convoluted

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