myCloud Home Duo is not suitable for Mac

I recently bought myCloud Home Duo 6TB after being told that all would work for Mac Users. This is a lie! Files and documents are working ok, but download of iCould content is not possible. Copying photo database to myCloud takes ages, and finally all you see is a mess, no folders as set in the original data base.

I wanted to replace iCloud with the WD product, but that is not possible. I work with Mojave, not even the back up programme “TimeMachine” works on WD.

Information on the package as well as upfront research on the internet don’t tell you that some really important issues do not work at all.

Any solutions?


I would recommend you to please check the compatibility for mojave support you can contact WD
see this link-

For time machine backup you can see this KBA-

Thank you for your advise, have a good day

Thank you for your information. I’ll try to melas it run or return the item to the seller.