MyCloud Home Constantly Processing

I just setup a new MyCloud Home and have not set it to sync any data yet (just transferred some files from a USB drive and unplugged the USB when done). However, it constantly sounds like the drive is running, like it is trying to read/write data. This is in my living room so it is really noticeable. Any idea why this might be? and how to stop it? Thanks.

I purchased the 6 Tb. MyCloud Home about a year ago. All this time the drive is running. The entire year!
I know the MyCloud Home is accessible through the WD servers, but it seems to me like they’re constantly watching what’s on my drive.
I have only 3 Tb. used on the drive and i don’t believe this has to take 1 year to process, so i don’t put any privacy stuff on it and will never buy something like this again.

WD servers are not used to snoop on your data, they are used to authenticate and relay your data across the web. The reason you hear activity is that Plex is generating 10s to 100s of MB of data and error logs everyday and the MCH is also indexing all the pictures and video files that are being synced every day. If you shut down Plex and automatic sync, that will cut down on 95% of the disk activity. You can even put a TPlink Kasa type of switch plug that can remotely control and turn on and off the MCH and power it that way.

I have this “constant processing” problem too, it did start when I began using Plex on the MCH. The thing is, I don’t have terabytes of stuff on mine, I only have around 1Tb of stuff and I don’t add multiple things a day. Some days pass when I don’t add anything to it. However, the MCH is constantly “processing” and when I log into Plex on my PC’s browser the activity tab says it is “scanning” and it always does! I’m only learning about NAS recently, could you explain how I would “shut down Plex and automatic sync, that will cut down on 95% of the disk activity”. I do have the MCH plugged into the mains through a wifi plug that I can remotely switch off but I’d rather keep it on all the time although I have had to power it off a lot recently as the constant “processing” late at night is quite loud.

Thanks for any help you can give me. It’s much appreciated.