MyCloud Home Connected To Internet but Website won't find it

Hi, I recently got a MyCloud Home and am trying to set it up. I connected the device to power and ethernet. The LED on the front turns on and after a minute or so of “slow breathing,” it turns a solid white. When running arp -a on the command line, the devices Mac address appears in the list as ? (192.168.X.XXX) at 0:0:cX:3X:1X:1X on en0 ifscope [ethernet].

However, when I go to set it up following the instructions by going to My Cloud Home, it is unable to find the device even when using the 9-digit code on the back of the device. I have tried on different browsers and devices as well as resetting the DNS cache on my Mac.

Any recommendations on what to do next?

Hi @toolbox_t,

If the LED is “Slow Breathing” , the My Cloud device is “Not Found”, “Not Detected” on setup or seen as “Offline” before any data has been added to the unit, please perform a 60+ second pin reset to set the unit back to factory defaults. Once the reset has been completed and the LED is “Solid White” and no longer “Slow Breathing”, setup again at using the existing email address and password.

Please refer below link to check article: