MyCloud Home Added Users Cannot Download From Family Folder Anymore


I have reinvited the users after the update and they still cannot download files from the MyCloud Android App anymore.

We have also tried to reinstall the app but the options to download files are gone.

How can I restore the option to download files?
Thank you!

Looks like there has been many changes to the Sharing feature on the MCH. Doesn’t look like the option to Download shared content to mobile devices is possible like it was before.

Really? Wow.

This is not some cloud subscription I can cancel. I have paid money for the device to get certain specified functions, and then they have downgraded it?! What kind of company does that?

I still have the receipt. I am returning this useless **"#)(/%%&&!"###.


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You’re lucky. It’s been a couple months since I bought it and now it’s too late to return it. It’s an expensive useless brick for me now.