MyCloud Home 4TB | OSX Access without WD Discovery


Hi zusammen,
ich habe nun einiges abgesucht, aber leider keine Lösung gefunden.
Habe vor ein paar Tagen eine MyCloud Home gekauft. Einrichtung hat super funktioniert, mobil und auf dem MacBook mit Hilfe der WD Discovery Software. Nun würde ich aber gerne mit einem anderen Mac darauf zugreifen können, allerdings ohne die Software. In einigen Foren habe ich gelesen, dass ich das mounten kann (CMD+K -> smb://mycloud-name oder smb://192.168.xxxxx), nur weiß ich nicht welche Login Daten ich nutzen kann. E-Mail und PW des MyCloud Nutzers funktionieren nicht.

Was mache ich falsch? Bin für jeden Tipp dankbar.

OS Catalina


I recently bought the 4 TB MyCloud Home. Setting it up was easy and accessing using the WD Discovery software is super simple. But I would like to be able to access the drive from devices (MacBook) without having to be forced to use the software. I have not been able to find any article that can help me mount it as a drive on OS Catalina.
I have tried smb://mycloudname or smb://192.xxxxx (internal IP), and when using the IP address I am prompted to log in. My standard user for MyCloud does not work, though, and if I try and access it with a guest user, all I cold see was a public share, which I don’t want. Or is there an admin user that is delivered with the device?

Happy for any advice.


Private spaces are only accessible through WD Discovery on desktop… very annoying for everyone.
We are all longing for a long due overhaul of MCH, not to remind the promise to bring back desktop folder sharing by the end of October…
This is a very disappointing device.

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Thanks for the response, even though it was not quite what I was hoping for… considering returning it :frowning:

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You should.
I regret not going for a Synology.

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