MyCloud hijacking network

About 6 months ago we started having major network issues. We replace all our network gear and finally figured out it was our MyCloud Home that was the issue. When it’s connected, either directly to our router or via switch, it literally hijacks our network and shuts down our wifi. No one can connect to the wifi or access internet after it’s connected and turned on. I then shut it down for months because I was so irritated with it. I now want to get my data off of it so turned it on again today. And today it did the same thing. I was hoping it wouldn’t and perhaps would auto-update and quit doing whatever it’s doing but I only had it on a few minutes before it crashed the network. Does anyone have any idea how to manually update the firmware in hopes it fixes whatever is wrong (perhaps a bad update)? Or how to connect it to something so I can pull the data off of it?