MyCloud HDD Lg Smart TV compatibility


Looking into getting a 4TB WD My Cloud HDD, my query is will it work with my LG Smart TV (Lg 42la620v 42")? I’d like ot be able to access video files etc like Plex from it. As it doesn’t support plex.

Any help would be great.



I’m using it with an LG 42LN5700 and it works fine. Additional comments:

  1. I installed MiniDLNA on My Cloud since the “Twonky” media server included by default is pretty bad. You can find an easy guide thanks to a member of this forum:

  2. IMHO, MiniDLNA works better than Plex and others. You can fast forward/rewind from the TV and everything. BUT you should know you can’t change audio/subtitles tracks (or at least I wasn’t able to do it).


Thats great, thanks.

Were you using a Mac or Windows PC?

Windows 8.1

PD: If you plan on installing MiniDLNA or Transmission, don’t update to latest firmware cause it has several limitations and will drive you crazy.  :wink:

Well. It will  work just fine provided you install and run Plex in a PC elsewhere. Plex can index and serve data from the NAS without any problems.

Of course, as a Plex client in your TV you will need to install this free app. You must run it from an USB stick since it is not yet available in LG Smart World.

Plex can also act as a DLNA server in which case no additional app is required, the TV can render data from it using standard “Smart Share”.

For the late matter though the default Twonky media server provided by WD works as well. Except with My Cloud firmware version 3 Twonky will not deliver subtitles and will not allow you to “navigate”  a movie (just to see it sequentially from the beginning. Which I find intolerable).

New Firmware v. 4 claims to have solved the subtitles issue but will prevent you from easily going the MiniDLNA way if you ever wish so.

Of course you will NOT be able to install a Plex server on the My Cloud itself as it lacks the hardware resources and no ARM version is available.