MyCloud & Google Drive (Android App)

When trying to add a Google Drive account to the app, I get error 403. I have provided screenshots of the error.

@cam12687 What android device are you using? I have never had a problem adding an app to my Samsung Galaxy S6 if they are compatible with it. See example images below. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

I have a LG G3, i previously had a Google Drive account added to the MyCloud app, had to factory reset my phone, was having some other issues with it. I have the Google Drive app, just was adding it to the MyCloud app to be simpler to access all my Cloud services. Just realized i could have named my post better. Didn’t mean the Google Drive app. Just the MyCloud app, it won’t let me add a Google Drive account to it, get the error 403, when i tap on the option to add a Google Drive account. Onedrive adds with no problem.

I’m getting the same error. Does anyone have a fix?
The change to sign in method was telegraphed by Google months before it came into effect and WD seem to have been napping before and after the change.
I see one person responding got the wrong end of the stick so to be clear:
The problem is in the My Cloud Android app
It occurs when I try to add a new Google Drive link (additional service in WD speak)
The screenshot above shows the error. It basically requires WD to change how they authenticate with Google

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I´m having the same problem since two months ago…

I guess WD has had time enough to correct this issue, maybe they are not very interested on it.

Same issue !

WD has to provide us a new version of their Android MyCloud App or an external link to connect Google Drive to MyCloud.

Did anyone find a fix i have the same problem.

Sorry it has taken me so long to post in this again. I had received an email from the app support email in the Play Store. They discontinued the Google Drive feature unfortunately, and just haven’t taken the feature off the app yet.