MyCloud Full

I need to free up space on my MyCloud and note that the space allocated to my personal space is huge - 1.9 TB. But the files stored in my personal folder only account for just over 2 GB. Nearly 1 GB is in the public folder but that is where I store the files I want to access on the go.
My question is - Is the inordinate amount of spaced because my personal share is using all the space in backups. I note that the software was set to save 5 copies of a file - bit of overkill there I think.
How do I retrieve the space taken up?
My thought was to backup elsewhere all the files in my folder and delete my share then re-instate it. Will deleting my share free the space or do I need to reformat the whole drive?

Deleting a share will release the space associated with it.

Thanks for the reply.
I have done that, moved all the visible data to another drive and deleted the share.
The free space on the drive has not changed! Is this a time thing? I note that sometimes events happen only slowly on the drive. For instance it can take several days before my Samsung TV can “see” a file or folder I have added.

If your PC is saying there’s no change in space, then that’s one thing.
If the dashboard on the Cloud is saying there’s no space, that’s a different thing. It can take quite a while to update that.

So, I have now done a system only restore (pain in the butt). Had to restore the shares and log in again. Still has not released any free space.
Plus the dashboard says all the shares are using 0 kB
I have:
Videos - 380 GB
Photos - 50 GB
Music Tracks - 400 GB
Other 1.9 TB
Free Space - 240 TB

What one earth is “Other”?

Windows Explorer shows only just over 200 GB left as does the Dashboard. However, at the moment they do not agree.
I think my only recourse is to reformat the whole of the drive. Means I have to find temporary space for all the items I have stored there. What a pain.