Mycloud full factory reset speed

I bought a 4TB mycloud a week or two ago, and looking at various threads, decided to do a reset to put it’s best foot forward.

I started the restore ~0715 yesterday morning, and it didn’t complete until 2345.

Is this normal? Have others here had roughly 16.5 hour resets? I wonder whether there are any hardware issues.

I had about 170MB worth of text files on the device, and the firmware is up to date.

Sure.  A FULL restore not only resets the firmware, it scrubs the disk with zeros, which can take quite a long time.

Intresting. I wonder how CPU intensive that action is, since I don’t remember scrubbing a terabyte drive via eSATA with a Core2Duo taking more than an hour or two.

Well, as long as this is normal behavior, I suppose I have no need for alarm.

On a related note, what is actually done when Full Factory Restore is run?

Now call be crazy, but I figured that it would set the device to the state that it was in before I purchased it. However, I noticed that after the full “factory” restore, it still has python installed and still has the cron job I added before the 16.5 hour reset.