MyCloud-Front Panel LED show Yellow LED blinking

Hi all,

  Anyone can advice me why MyCloud front panel just suddenly show yellow LED blinking.

  Here is troubleshooting steps I went thorugh:

Confirm the network cable is properly connected to the WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage device and the network switch or router.

2. Make sure the network switch or router has power.

3. Use a different network cable and port on the network switch or router. Temporarily swapping the WD My Cloud device’s cable port with a working network device may identify any failing cables and ports. 

4. Checking back panel (network) LEDs, both Activity LED & Link LED apperance Off.


Can anyone help to advice?

Yellow led blinking indicates thermal issue or network cable unplugged. Have you tried the 4secs reset button while the device is on? The concern is your point 4 which could indicates damaged port. Try examine the port, snug in different cables while connected to the switch/router, wiggle them gently see if the port leds lights up…

See page 10 of the User Manual.

In the latest manual see page seven and eight. Posted Jan. 12, 2016.