MYCLOUD Firmware Failed (Of Course) Now PUBLIC Folder can't be found!

I went to update the Firmware since the drive was bugging me about it every day for weeks. OF COURSE it FAILED UTTERLY>… After All the EXACT Same Problem has only been happening during Firmware updates for THREE YEARS, there’s no WAY W.D. could have addressed such an issue in so short a time right>? It’ll be at least a decade and then the device will be obsolete! :slight_smile: Ironically WD was my Favorite Company for 20 years, Now they are among the WORST OUT THERE> I don’t know what happened but it’s as if they have already closed their doors and bought the towel … THey are still willing to take our MONEY of course, just not make quality products or give support… (or FIX DAMN PROBLEMS DUH…)

PLEASE Help me find my Stupid Public Folder,. After failed Firmware, I had to do a 40 second reset, all was lost in terms of shraes wtc. I was able to add my ONE SHARE back in, but the PUBLIC FIOlder is no where to be found. I tried ADDING one called PUBLIC, it gave a RED x, I think that means it is there I just can’t SEE it,…

Have you enabled SSH via the Dashboard the used an SSH program to access the My Cloud and check to see if the Shares still exist? The Shares are located at: /DataVolume/shares

In the past it has happened that the firmware upgrade got borked but the shares still exist and were accessible through SSH. One can download the My Cloud firmware from the WD Support site and try to manually upgrade their My Cloud.

Of course if one has modified the firmware of their My Cloud to run unsupported modules or unsupported features then it is possible that upgrading the firmware could potentially cause issues.