MyCloud filling itself up and now can't write to it

Help please ! THis new MyCloud, 

OK, so I do have 1.6M images on the drive, but it did have over 200Gb of space left on the 3Tb drive.

Magically it has decided to fill that space with god knows what from reading the forums here - building thumbnails? (and that is what is shows on the content scan status - image below)

I have all shares/remote access/media servers turned off, so there shouldn’t be any services requiring them.

I cleared down 500Mb of unecessary images to free up the drive to do some work, no problems, but 4 days later that’s been eaten up by the system.

I have 14 older WD NAS My World Book drives - never had this problem, this MyCloud has been nothing but a problem with intermittent connections (seems to be solved with the last two firmware updates) (and I even sourced old My World Books from stock in germany to  back this up, but that’s running out now).

I don’t do SSH, so I’d need some very well written guides to go in and turn off the thumbnail hidden folders that are being created - but for a proper consumer level product I really shouldn’t have to do code.

So what’s the solution - apart from backing it all up and returning as not fit for purpose ? am I going to have to start getting a different brand ?
many thanks in advance


How are you moving the files to the drive? Are you doing that manually or using the WD Smartware backup software?

Make sure that you are not doing both.

Please note that the size of a thumbnail should be around 1 or 2 kb so, it wont use that much space, it might be something else taking the space of the drive.

If you are using the WD Smartware, please check how many version of the files the unit is keeping.