MyCloud FileSystems visibility on my Samsung SMART TV


I have connected right now my mycloud storage system to my Samsung SMART TV. The good thing is that the tv sees the mycloud from Sources list via network without any setting there but I have an issue on the filesystem visible there; indeed, I have the three folders: Music, Pictures and Videos and getting in this last one I see just the content of my Smartware folder and not the other folders and files. Moreover I tested to create a TEST subfolder on Smartware but this is not replicated to my smart tv. Any suggestions on that in order to see all the folders? Thank you in advance for your assistance and have a nice day!


Your smart TV isn’t smart enough.

It is most likely showing you the DLNA media server, not the SMB file server. That’s why it shows the video, music and pictures ‘folders’.

Check your TV’s user manual to see if it support file server access. I suspect it will not.

‘not so smart’ smart TV is a common problem.

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Thanks for the prompt feedback. I will check my Smart TV manual…if the file server access is not supported on my TV what is the best workaround? Keep the files in the Smartware folder? Here I have also the backup of my pc, are there any conflicts doing in this way? Thanks!

What files are you hoping to see on your TV?

What app are you using to view them?

A media server can be told to look for media anywhere on the MyCloud. But you have to tell it where to look, and it will only show you media files it has found; nothing else. Read the MyCloud user manual, and the Twonky FAQ:

If you want to use your TV as a computer, to access any files on the MyCloud, you will need a file manager app, and apps to handle whatever file types you want to use.

That’s why I don’t have a ‘smart tv’; I have a dumb TV and a little generic Android box that connects to the TV. I can use this to access all my files, installing whatever apps I need. I can also install media players such as Kodi, BubbleUPnP, VLC, catch-up TV app, etc. These media player apps can access the file server and/or the media server.

‘Smart’ TVs often have a very limited set of apps, which aren’t updated.