MyCloud File Access without Desktop App

My company block to installation of any software

But I want to download & upload files on mywdcloud

Can anyone tell me How I can do this without installation of Desktop app

Are you saying your company has blocked “Personal Storage” Web Access via a Web Browser? Usually done through a web URL blocker.

If this is the case you can not bypass your corporate rules without risking termination. Even the Desktop App uses WD2GO so the same rules for being blocked would apply.

My company blocked any software installation so I can not install desktop app

and when i try to log in through wd2go web page, then i received message of latest java installation

so i cant install that, 

Did the message say the Java was not compatiable? or just not current?

if not curent it still may work

FYI, I have had issues uploading files over 250MB this way, fails most the time. Generaly a PC reboot requird to recover. Smaller files have not been an issue, even lots of small files with much larger total size. Speed is slower then the app