MYCloud File Access problem

Hi i own a WD Mycloud with firmware 2.41.116

Apologies if i have posted in the wrong forum but hopefully someone can help

My problem is that i cannot access a folder of images which i have transferred and it is greyed out.
I can access all other folders in the shared folder apart from the one i have just mentioned.
All other media is available to view on the drive apart from this one folder.
If i click on the info for the folder it says there is 356.73 GB in the folder but i cannot access any of the images inside it.

Any help will be gratefully received

How are you accessing the files? Using what program or app? Can you post a screen shot of the problem?

I am accessing the drive via Finder and then clicking on “Shared Pictures” where i have various folders which contain my image files and as you will see in the Screen shot the folder “2020” is greyed out!
I don’t use any apps i normally drag and drop my files to the drive via Finder and they copy over from there

Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 12.42.06|689x363