Mycloud fails to post cloud user email [ Failed to update device user. (400068) ]

Go into the mycloud ui, cloud section, select a user, click the email tab, and 

Failed to update device user. (400068)

A whole series of problems started when I added a second user that had the same first name, it just wholly busted the device ,making a ‘chris’ and ‘chris2’ , but all of a sudden cloud access showed no devices, everything just broke

Opened tracks with WD days ago, but got no response.

Anybody ever done anything similar ( or figured out how to chhange the security on files on the mapped network drive, i disabled media server and public to use win7 security, but that also fails, perhaps the device is a dud ? )

Got to “Cloud Access” in the dashboard, what does the status say?  Make sure uPNP is enabled on your router.

I just waxed the entire drive instead, updated the firmware, then did a complete factory reset

now i can copy files from inside my local lan

drive still not useful ( for me at least ) on the cloud as per the well documented 1244 errors

I am having the exact problem.

Does anyone have an answer for this???

Hey Guys,


I was having the same issue as stated above.  I was able to create the users and the access without any issues and I tested the connections to make sure they were working…. then the following morning, one of the users no longer had access to the device from the login webpage.  It kept saying the following:


No Device Available


This was strange, other users were able to see the device and navigate through the folders without issues.




  1. Log into the WD My Cloud Dashboard
  2. Navigate to “Cloud Access” at the top of the screen
  3. Select the user which is having issues accessing or even seeing the device, from the list of users.
  4. In the Login area (Below the Cloud Access Status Area) click on the “waste basket” icon.  (This will delete just the access for the user and not the user) 
  5. Now run through the setup again in giving them access to the website, this is done by clicking on the “Sign Up” button that will now appear.
  6. Enter in the Name of the user and their email address and click on the save button.
  7. The system should tell you that a new registration email has been sent.
  8. Have the user find that new email and follow its instructions.


Once this process was completed, they should have access to your Cloud and should be able to navigate like before.


My Reason for Why This Happen:


After I installed the cloud and created all the users with their web access and just before I closed-up for the night, I instinctively checked the firmware on the product and found that it needed an update.  I updated the firmware and rebooted the cloud device…  I left for the night and in the morning the problem started. 

I believe that this has something to do with the firmware update that was installed.  I will review the firmware a bit further for posterity, but at the moment this is where the trail ends.


I hope this helps!




Hey I forgot to say that this also helped with the resending the registration email as well!