MyCloud failing to back-up

Hi, I’m having trouble with my MyCloud which is failing to back-up.
I had noticed a while ago that I’m not getting the green light on the front of the box. I checked the dashboard and LED should be on. I carried out a Factory Reset 2 days ago and I thought that cured it but the LED lit in white when rebooted but still no Green light. On checking the Smartware app only a few documents have been updated since, Photos, Video’s etc have not been done.
Has anybody have a solution?


Can you please try creating a few new files and create a new backup to see if the software picks those files.

Make sure that the files are not open or protected since the software wont backup those files.

Thank for reply. I’ve now managed to complete a whole new back up but only by doing another factory reset then uninstalling all the software doing a clean up of registry and then re installing software.
However there is still no Green LED! Anyone have any idea why?