MyCloud EX4 RAID 0 Spanning Disappeared

Good day. While moving files to my EX4 from the PC a catastrophic error occurred causing me to research what was happening. When I clicked on the mapped network drive to the EX4 I received location was missing. This sent me to the Dashboard via Firefox, and when I looked at Storage tab, it shows RAID Profile - RAID Health - No Configured Volumes. The SMART data shows all drives Healthy and operating with nominal parameters.

First question: What happened to my RAID 0 Spanning configuration?
Second: Is it possible to recover the RAID 0 Spanning configuration so as to not lose all 7TB of currently stored data?

I’m feeling a bit a panic as none of this data can be recovered if the EX4 just touched a piece of dark matter and returned the device to new-like status. Thanks for any possible suggestion of getting my device back.


Hi cmcole101,

There is known issue that SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support has been disabled on Windows 10, results unable to access My Cloud data on Windows 10.
First, check whether you are able to access data of My Cloud via or using My Cloud Mobile app. If yes, then try to follow the steps mentioned in below article to access My Cloud on windows 10.

If not, then need to use data recovery to recover important data files.

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Thank you for such a quick reply to my heart-stopping situation. :slight_smile:

Since I work and live on a major university campus where most days we have 18,000 people, staff and students, our network engineers ran up against a massive problem that took months for them to figure out. This problem was smartphones staying on the network and hence internet 24x7. It jammed the works up, so their solution was to create a web browser proxy which forces everyone to open their browser and login using our enterprise domain user account. Once logged online a timer begins and 8 hours later we are automatically logged out forcing us to login again.

This novella does have a point, and that is the WD My Cloud EX4 is strictly a LAN device and has no way of accessing the internet, only the intranet, so it cannot be accessed via any of the cloud services nor WD Apps, but only via our university intranet.

With this War and Peace nearly written, my Android app My Cloud can see and login to the EX4 because I have a TP-Link Archer C7 Dual Band Wi-Fi along with a 5-port 1GB switch plugged into a straw-sized J-45 100MB connection out to the university network.45 port. It’s now been 30 minutes and the My Cloud app is spinning a cloud around and around (now more than 45 minutes with no change. Using the allows me to login but the Dashboard doesn’t appear. Logging in via the browser using the admin account calls up the Dashboard, but all Zeros are in every windows.

Now is the time to end War and Peace with this final questions; What are the chances that if I restore the configuration file created 4 months ago would at least give me back some or most of my data?

Again, thank you asp73 for taking your time to go through this detailed description. I’m sure you have drool dribbling out of the corner of your mouth by now, and I know this experience well as I’m a computer engineer, and have, indeed, dealt with users? that literally hadn’t plugged in the computer and called me to find out why it wasn’t turning on. (face-palm) LOL