MyCloud EX2

I was doing some research and looking for some feedback to see if the EX2 is the best option…

I own a small small business (5 Employees), 5 PC workstations. We currently use quickbooks that we have to manually backup onto an harddrive once a week take offsite (incase of fire or theft) so there is always a backup. Could i use an EX2 to backup quickbooks & outlook, leaving the EX2 pluged into my network at home? or does it not work like that? i was just trying to think of an option to have a hardrive backing up my work files from offsite…



this is the WD MyCloud forum the EX2 has a seperate forum

Hi motiv8rnc, welcome to the WD Community. You can remotely access the EX2 to manually copy your files. You can also create automatic backup from one EX2 to another EX2 or EX4. Check page 69 of the manual for more information on this.

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