MyCloud EX2 Ultra Slow Transfer - Computer Connection

I bought my device a couple months ago and for the longest time the files would transfer at a rate of 100 megabytes a second. This device is attached directly to my laptop and does have 1 gigabit transfer rate. The past month it is started only transferring data with about 11 megabytes per second and I checked the device out and it works just fine, firmware is updated correctly, have resetted it, and nothing has made it go back to its original transfer rate. Anybody else have this problem and a solution for it?

Hi yoshikid18,

You can refer to the link mentioned below to know the cause of slow data transfer.

I have a 10TB EX2 and have been fighting with these slow transfers for a couple of years now. Every time I had a larger transfer with a bunch of small files it would grind to a halt after a while and become unresponsive. Seems some of the background file scanning or cataloging just wrecks the system after a huge transfer. Their later firmware updates prevent some of the better fixes that disable file and folder scans so this is what seems to work best for me.

Starting from a clean drive I disable almost everything. No music server, cloud services, time machine, DLNA, etc… Turn it all off.

Create a single array using 100% of available space. Raid0 or Raid1. Your choice.

After the array is created I’ll go into the storage menu and create an iSCSI target. Name it and set it to whatever size you need. I set it to 100% of the array space available. But you can create two or more smaller ones to fit your needs.

You have two options on what to do with the new iSCSI target drives.

  1. If you only need to access the drive from a single computer use the iSCSI connector in Windows to map to it then format and assign a drive letter in the drive manager. It will show up as a local hard drive.


  1. If you want to access this target from multiple computers and treat it like a network share folder then go to the Volume Virtualization option in the MyCloud web interface. Have it point back to the iSCSI target it created within itself and share it. After it creates and formats it should show available as network share.

It appears to me all the background scanning and cataloging isn’t performed on iSCSI targets and don’t get bogged down with large transfers. I can run a 4tb backup with 100k files and it will hold 30MB/sec to 40MB/sec the entire transfer without fail.

The same backup on the standard public share almost always stalls out an hour or two into it and slows the drive to a crawl. I would usually end up having to reboot the EX2 to get it functional again. Once I switched to using the iSCSI drives within the EX2 I have not had that problem. I can have two or three computers backing up to the iSCSI shared target with no issues.