MyCloud EX2 Ultra shareing problem

in MyCloud EX2 Ultra I have 2 HDD drives
I have problem with “Public_2” some Windows programs are not working correctly (the volume “Public” is OK)
Im thinking that there is a problem with shareing, here is a screenshot from mobile Mycloud, “Public_2” has no people icon…

Please help me

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in my opinion there is problem with HDD with “NASware 3.0”, the otherone (blue) is OK.
Please Help!


If I understand this correctly, your current RAID level is set to JBOD.

Did you double-check all volume permissions within the unit’s Dashboard?

yes, I have my RAID set to JBOD.

what premissions? You are talking about set to “public”?

anyone can help? WD Support doesn’t reply, I have send massage few weeks ago…

it would be better you can post english snapshot for every user’s to see if they can help on this.