Mycloud EX2 Ultra Remote Backup using Foxtel (Netgear) Modem Router

I’ve hit a brick wall in configuring Remote Backup for my unit as I can’t configure port forwarding for the service “Remote Backup” for port 873. I get error message something like “unknown service”. I have been able to configure SSH service for port 22. Any thoughts? Foxtel send me to Netgear who want to charge me for post warranty support. Thanks. Andrew

Hi @andr3w,

Please refer the article How to Use Remote Backups for My Cloud OS 5:

Thanks Keerti_01. I have carefully worked my way through those instructions. For the Netgear modem supplied by Foxtel (Cable service in Australia) I am not able to configure port forwarding for “Remote Backup” for Port 873. Because of this (I suspect) creating a remote backup job fails to find the remote server. I am wondering if the modem/router doesn’t allow the space in the name and if renaming the process without the space for port forwarding config as well as the backup job name will overcome this.

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