MyCloud EX2 Ultra offline after installing official Plex App

I just installed the Plex App from the official little App store in the MyCloud admin panel. After setting plex up, the cloud files itself are not reachable anymore. Not even the admin panel using the local IP can be reached. When I ping the MyCloud using CMD, all packets are received. Plex is also running just fine under its own port. It just the admin panel and acces using results in a connection error.

I can’t be sure if plex is the cause or if its just coincidence. The Debug information is quite scarce. It seems like plex overrides any other connection but with no access to the admin panel I cannot uninstall it.

Thanks for any advice!

Edit: It might be worth noting I also accessed the cloud using NordVPN today. Is there an automatic shutdown because of some intrusion detection?

Hi elqq18,

You can refer below article to get My Cloud EX2 Ultra online on your computer.