MyCloud EX2 Ultra disconnects

Every couple of days my My Cloud Ex2 loses its connection.
Typically when active the power light slowly blinks on and off due to it being in power saving mode.
When I lose access to it, the power light is steady blue.

Sometimes I can still access it via the computer with my mapped network drive, but the access is extremely slow. Copying files instead of 70-100 only goes at 2 and under.

Unplugging it and plugging it back in only solves the problem, temporarily as a day or 2 later it still drops. .
I want to know how to stop it from happening in the first place.
Having a Network drive that is not accessible through the network is worthless.

Hi MishMouse,

You can refer the link mentioned below to know the cause and steps need to be taken in order to resolve the slow transfer speed on your My Cloud EX2.

As you’re also facing the intermittent connection issue with your My Cloud EX2 device, you can refer the links given below in order to resolve the issue.

1.) You can try 40 seconds reset on the My Cloud. Refer to the link given below to know the steps.

2.) Set a static IP address. you can refer the link mentioned below to know the steps.

3.) Make sure that your device is directly connected to the Internet router. There should not any switch in between.

4.) My Cloud EX2 comes with two ethernet ports, you can try plugging in the ethernet cable in different ethernet port.

You can try the above mentioned steps and check if it fix the intermittent connection issue with the device.

I tried doing the 4 second reset by pressing the reset button with a paper clip, I pushed on it multiple times for anywhere from 5-10 seconds and it did not re-boot. The only way I can re-gain access to it is if I unplug it. The front contains 3 solid blue lights, typically when it is working the top power indicator slowly blinks

Hi its been a while but i have the exact same problem except the top light starts blinking quite fast when its disconnected…that being said have you found a solid solution? i hate that i cannot access files on distance and need to unplug each time