Mycloud EX2 Ultra 2bay, OS5 and FTP

Good evening,
i upgraded to OS5 even because i hoped that FTP problems would be fixed, but they arent.
i have the following issue:

  1. i use FTP at port 21 and i have a dyndns account.
  2. so i write (from outdoor):
    and i easily come inside the NAS and read/write folders. i don’t use browser, simply explorer window.
    my problem is that if i try to download from my nas large files (example 1gb single RAR file) it never end because it stop during the operation, telling “time finished for operation” or something like that.
    Of course i have my port21 open in my Router, i dont have problems with small files. maybe does the nas goes in stand-by while transfering file?
    please give me some ideas and opinion, thanks…

What kind of internet connection do you have?

Many home ISP’s may provide 25, or 50, or 100mbs download speed. . .but only 5 mbs upload speed.

I have 5mbs home upload speed. . .and I basically CANNOT do these kind of transfers either.

i have FTTH so 100mbps download ad 20upload. Tested 85mb download and 15mb upload.
i only don t understand why it break connections while tranfering large file: seems to be nas problem, not connection, that is really stable.
I can only transfer with FileZilla or other ftp client software, loggin into my nas and download/upload large files.

Are you saying FTP client software works; but straight FTP does not?

Huh. Very strange. I have no idea at this point.

exactly. if i download or upload 500mb or higher it stop and say “time exaurited for operation” or something like that. with software ftp clients it does without problem :smiley: there was a router between NAS and Modem (FritzBox) so i bypassed and linked directly to FFTH modem. problem doesnt solve.