MyCloud EX2 showing its almost full

Purchased MyCloud EX2 4TB, 6 months back, had 1TB of data stored on it,one day it shows i’m left with 900GB, not sure where the other 2TB has gone, anyone who can help me. Checked, no computers are on the sync mode which everyone is talking about here.

Other issue i am facing is when taking a back-up, if i connect a USB external hard drive, initially it has been picking the external hard drive and i have been backing up the data, now the same hard drive i cannot see on the back-up option. There is enough free space in the external hard drive.

Hi Kentsingh,

The WD My Cloud EX2 ultra may be setup on the RAID 1 array and as per the RAID 1 array, it will create the mirror image of the same data in the secondary drive installed in the My Cloud EX2 enclosure for the data security purpose (In case, if any of the drive fails, you can setup the new drive in the enclosure of the same capacity and reconfigure the same RAID).

Due to RAID 1 setup, you may be able to use the near to 2TB capacity of the drive. Hence, after storing the 1TB data in the device, the remaining usable space will be near to 900GB.