MyCloud Ex2 running flat out for days...

I’ve just bought myself a shiny new windows laptop and set about re-connecting to an existing MyCloud EX2 (4Tb Raid 1 config).

For the first time I’ve begin to take advantage of MS OneDrive - which involved moving a fair chunk of files from the NAS back to the PC. As I began to do this, I noticed that the NAS was running flat out (indexing?) and this was impacting quite seriously on my ability to read / write / copy to and from the device. My access to the dashboard has also slowed to the point where it’s barely usable - it just hangs whilst windows reminds me that “this page isn’t responding”.

If you wait long enough, things return to some semblance of normality (though the dashboard hasn’t recovered to what it was). But as soon as I start moving / deleting / loading files the problem returns.

At the moment it’s been running at pretty much full pelt for the last 24 hours - and is showing no signs of relaxing any time soon. It’s so bad that I can’t even stream movies to the TV without interruption.

What have I done to make this happen?

Well. . . .indexing WILL lobotomize almost any WD product.

Mass file movements will trigger indexing.

Killing cloud access to the WD servers will stop the indexing madness