MyCloud EX2 + Mac OSX + iTunes


I am new to NAS. I just bought my new EX2 and i am running OSX.

Most of the equipments at home is Mac-Base and no Windows OS.

I really need to know how to solve the following:

  1. i am trying to get my iMac to recognise the Ex2 permanently but i cannot seem to do it. I tried reading through the manual but unable to solve the issue. Everytime i reboot my iMac i have to reconnect to the Ex2 manually. is there a way to do it automatically?

  2. i have transfered all my photos, mp3s, movies to Ex2 (previously all was stored on my iMac). I want the itunes to read the mp3s or movies as a link to the files on the Ex2. On Advanced Preference, i have unchecked “keep my itunes media folder organized” and unchecked “copy files to itunes media folder when adding to library”.

so in this case, everytime i want to add new media, i have to save it in the Ex2 then drag it into itunes right? and if i were to do it this way, will syching my ipads and iphones take very long? previously was abt 5-10mins.


You will need to manually create an Alias on your Apple Mac OS system as they are not designed to automatically resume network connections and mapped folders upon reboot like Microsoft Windows systems do:

I do not use iTunes on any system, so I am unfortunately unable to provide clear suggestions related to library management. However, the following article related to the iTunes server should be able to assist: