MyCloud EX2 - Instaling Joomla

Hello All!

I just purchased an EX2 with hopes of installing Joomla and using it as NAS w/ FTP. It currently works fine as an FTP over the same network, but I am hoping Joomla will allow me to use it without being connected to the same network.

I installed Joomla 2.5.6 using the App installer on the My Cloud Dashboard and once I go through the setup I get stuck at this sreen. 

Also, it might be worth nothing the few reccomended settings that don’t match up?

Thank you so much, I really need to figure out why I am having trouble creating a database.

Hi, welcome to the community, unfortunately I have never tried to use Joomla, however the images that you posted are too small to be seen. Can you re-upload them again so an user that is versed on Joomla can assist. 

In regards of the FTP outside of the network, I use mine to connect remotely over FTP, but I use a Dynamic DNS so whenever my ISP decides to change my public IP i dont have to find out.