MyCloud EX2 - Fan Speed and Temperature

I have an EX2 that has constant intermittent “fan not working” issues. Of course, you unplug it, take it apart, fan has no issues. Then few weeks later, issues again.

The design itself is kinda poor… fan at the front, air vents at bottom with very little gap. I ended up using 2 pencils (one at each end) to prop the unit higher off the ground and but a USB powered 120mm fan on top sucking out the heat on medium speed. Dropped the temp of my drives by about 15 degrees (Celsius).

So, have a few questions… hopefully someone knows. It’s rare I get responses on this forum. :frowning:

  • At what temperature does the fan turn on/off?
  • Can I adjust the temperature so the fan turns on sooner?

My plan is to partially or fully 3D print a new case for this, and buy a 120mm fan with a 3-pin plug and plug it in to where the current small 35mm (?) fan is. I want to add it at the bottom and raise it higher up for better air flow. There the small (useless) fan is now, I want to make a deflector to help direct the air in between the drives. I’d like it to turn the fan on and run if the temperature hits 30/35’C.

Most I have found was where to see the RPM of the fan and temp of the drives. I don’t see any options for adjusting when the fan turns on.

If I install a 120mm fan and have it run off the USB power 24/7 that’s fine as well, except I may still get the “fan not working” errors if I leave the original fan in, and definitely errors if I take it out.

Hi @THRobinson,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: