MyCloud EX2 causing 4G router issues

Firmware 2.11.157 (Latest)

I have the Verizon T1114V 4G LTE Router with Voice for internet. I have the My Cloud EX2 connected to one of the LAN ports on the router. With it connected, the LTE Router is dropping the internet connection and reconnecting every 15-20 minutes. If I unplug the My Cloud from the router, the router will stay connected for hours. What in the world could be causing this? I have HTTP, FTP, CLOUD…basically everything disabled on the NAS. I only use it from windows shares and as my plex server. I feel like it started within the last one or two firmware revisions although I am not 100% sure.

Could be a problem with the router too. Have you looked at the router logs for other information?

I actually got an entirely new router because I thought the same thing but both routers behave the exact same way.

My Cloud Ex2 Ultra with OS5 have been fully/ Quick system reset without remove 2TB HDD.
Now reconfigured with same, but HDD is displaying empty.
How can recover data?
Please help me,
waiting with mail address (
Thank you