Mycloud ethernet switch issues - no internet access or IP camera connectivity

Hi - so i read the thread on putting mycloud behind a switch and also separate threads about IP Cameras, but cant solve my problems!
my setup: Sky Q hub router (soon to have sky fibre - without the fibre). It has 2 Ethernet ports - 1 connected to devolo powerline & 1 to an Netgear 1gigabit ethernet switch (4 port). Note: unless the devolo is connected to the router directly nothing seemed to work downstream…
WDMyCloud works fine behind the switch - with an DHCP assigned IP: - note: it is in listed at all on my router admin screen, but it works, is accessible from my PC/mapped drives etc.

I have 2 IP cameras that both used to beautifully record directly to the WDMycloud. 1 connects via Wifi to the main router and 1 connects to the devolo Wifi extender. I remapped their settings to the new IP address and the same Shares as they previously recorded to (old IP was The cameras have a fixed IP & .25 with primary dns of

Everything has been rebooted/turned on/off multiple times but no matter what, the cameras say “NAS not ready”

Also my external internet access no longer works (it used to work perfectly).
i blame SKY for their rubbish, 2 ethernet socket router (and their old one had 4, but no gigabit). Any help offered would be much appreciated…

you need to make sure your ips for the cloud is assigned in a similar ip set of Generally a 169 ip address means it wasn’t able to get an dhcp from your router, or perhaps because it couldn’t get one and then because you simply connected it to a router afterwards, it remained

Reboot the cloud and let it get a valid dhcp number of, of which your cameras should start working.

Good luck.

thanks - i have rebooted a number of times and it hasnt helped. i also tried assigning the IP - but then mycloud essentially disappeared. for some reason behind the switch it has this issue. if i plug mycloud into the router directly it all works again…
any other ideas?

When a local network device uses an IP address in the 169.254.x.x range it means it has auto assigned its OWN IP address rather than either obtaining one from the local network DHCP server (often embedded within the local network router) or was not configured with a Static IP Address.

Because your cameras use the IP Address range of 192.168.0.x they may have trouble communicating with the My Cloud.

Connect to the My Cloud Dashboard and configure the My Cloud for a Static IP Address in the 192.168.0.x range.

Make sure the gateway is configured properly on the devices. The gateway IP address is probably the local IP address of the Sky Q Hub Router. Make sure all devices use the same Workgroup name (generally Workgroup). Make sure all devices are using the same subnet mask (generally and use the same DNS servers. Sometimes its better to use a public DNS server, like Googles,, than the ISP’s DNS server (or the modem/Sky Q Hub Router DNS).

Or just buy a cheap router (or see if a family/friend has a spare unused one) and configure the router to sit behind the Sky Q Hub Router. Then connect all network devices including the Netgear 1 Gigabit switch to that router’s networking port and have the router’s DHCP server hand out IP Addresses to all local network devices.

Is there anything else connected to the switch that has been assigned a 192., 172. or 10. IP address? If not, it may be that your switch hasn’t established a connection with the router, so devices on it have not been assigned a DHCP address.

What happens if you connect the MyCloud directly to the router?

connected to the router directly it works fine… but then my powerline connections all stop working. (only 2 ethernet ports!)
in my router admin screen there are 192.168.0.xx addresses for all the other devices connected via wifi or via the devolo extension…including my PC which is wired to the switch - so it seems only the wdmycloud (and the devolo extension when connected to the switch) seem to not work properly.

i just reset the wdmycloud to a fixed IP, set the DNS to sky dns , subnet to and the gateway IP to - but now it just doesnt appear at all. (to fix i will plug in ethernet i guess)

As Bennor says configure the My Cloud for a static IP Address in the 192.168.0.x range and you will be all set


Make sure that DHCP is turned on, on the cloud and plug it directly into the router. Check the ip that is assigned. It should be 192.168.0.xx

then make sure that one cable from the router is connected to one of the four ports of the switch…

then pull the ethernet plug that leads to the cloud from the router and plug it into the switch.

Don’t reboot the cloud.

Remember the switch is just like an extension cord to your router.

thanks. trying it now

i connected ethernet to sky router hub… it connected fine everything working. pulled out the wire, stuck it into the switch and the connection is no longer visible/active.

the only thing I can think of is… are you sure the switch is connected to the router?

Also check what is the ip that is assigned to the cloud when it is on the router. That ip should stay with the Cloud when you move the cable from the router to the switch.

if the switch is connected to the router, then pull off every other wire except the router to the switch and the cable to the cloud from the switch.

169 means that you are not getting the ip from the dhcp from the router, which means that the switch is not connected. Also note that your laptop is wifi connected which means it has a route to the router and if it is also connected via ethernet to the switch you are also connected to the cloud, but since the cloud has no access to the router which assigns an ip, it is self assigning the 169 ip, which is probably the reason that you can access the cloud and the internet on your computer but everything else doesn’t work.

So check that the switch is connected to the router. One of the four ports should have a cable to the router, leaving you with only 3 ports.

What Netgear “switch” model do you have? Make sure, as Ralphael indicates, to connect the Ethernet cable from the Sky Q hub router to the right port (sometimes called “uplink”) on the Netgear switch. Older network switches tend to have ONE network port of the five on the switch dedicated for connecting to the upstream router/hub/switch. Use either port 1 or port 5 on the Netgear switch. If the Netgear switch is old enough it may not support “auto crossover” on the networking ports which means one would have to use a “crossover” Ethernet cable between the Netgear switch and the Sky Q hub router.

As I suggested earlier; your switch is not making a connection with the router.

  • bad cable
  • bad switch
  • wrong port on switch (as the others have suggested, some switches have one port that is supposed to be connected to the router).