MyCloud Duo - New - Missing Space?

New to MCD. Got it installed & functioning fine. However out of the box with NOTHING at all written to the unit, it shows me I only have ~7.07TB available. It’s a 16TB unit with RAID1 so I would expect closer to ~8TB being available, not 7TB. So I’m already short nearly 1TB of space. Where is that space, what is hogging it considering the unit is BRAND NEW? Could it be those utilities, and if so how do I delete them?

It’s important to understand that hard drives’ capacities are measured in Terabytes, where 1T = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes.

But computers typically indicate space used/free in Tebibytes, where 1Ti=1,099,511,627,776 bytes

8TB=7.27596TiB. So that’s where the majority of your “missing” space is – it’s not missing, it’s just calculated in Base 2 math instead of Base 10.

I’m not sure how much space the MCH keeps for its own use (for operating system, logs, configuration data, etc) (appears to be about 200 gig?)

I bought WDBMUT0080JWT but only see 3.9TB in the online web app? how to access the other 4TB?

Change the RAID mode to RAID0 or SPANNING.