MyCloud Drive not accessible

Hello. I am trying to access a MyCloud Drive that I have but the dashboard says device is not found. It is plugged into my internet router and the connection is functioning normally as I have two more drives working correctly. I have a blinking white light on the front of the drive and have tried a 10 second factory reset and also a hard 30 second un-plugging reset and still no change.

The dashboard says there was a firmware upgrade but when I tried updating the firmware it failed. The light was already blinking prior to me finding this firmware update. I have already contacted WD Support and they ran me through the reset process and said that I should do a data recovery for it as they can’t do anything more to help.

I am not very computer lingo savvy so simple detailed explanations would be appreciated if anyone else has experienced this before. Please help I have a conference coming up and I need information from this drive. Thank you!!

Sounds like a (soft) brick. Without shredding the case off and attaching a 3v serial cable to the uart header (requires soldering on 3 posts, at least on the gen 2), to interrupt the uboot boot process and push a firmware on that way, the device is not going to get better any time soon, unfortunately.

If it is under warranty, I would suggest getting warranty replacement service.

If you are prepared to open the drive up, it is usually possible to recover the data (assuming you don’t have a backup):

Once you have opened the drive and recovered the data, you might like to try ‘unbricking’ it. There are a number of guides. Here’s one:

There are others: search the forum for ‘unbrick’.

Some other threads where people have revived their apparently dead machines:

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