Mycloud download slow on PC, but fast on iPad

A 37Mb file takes 2.5 minutes to download using the PC app WD My Cloud.exe and  about the same time using the web app. 

Using the same router/modem/wi-fi this file downloads in 7 seconds on my iPad 3.

Why is the PC so slow?

I have tried disabling the Windows firewall… no difference.

I am running a Vista laptop at 1.7 Ghtz. 

Using Java 7.45, as advised by the WD support rep. (there is a known incompatibility with Java 7.51)

Anyone found a solution?




The computer is taking more time than the IPad because the iPad is accessing the My cloud trough the network and the computer is connecting to the My cloud via internet using WD Mycloud.exe and

You should Map the drive to the computer in order to access it localy.

Mapping a Personal Cloud drive or WD NAS drive on a Windows PC