MyCloud doesn't upload video from Android

Good morning, I’m having an issue since a few weeks, that no videos are uploaded on the the MyCloud from my android device, instead photos are regularly uploaded.

Android device: realme GT master edition

My cloud device : MyCloud EX2 ultra, 2tb, version: 5.26.202

I’ve already tried to reinstall the android app.
Any suggestions? Thx

If I remember correctly, you have to enable the app in the settings to upload videos as well, not only photos.

I attached the screenshot of what I see under the section “Auto Backup”.
If I correctly understand what it’s written, it should handle both photos and videos.

I understand you are using the My Cloud and not the MC ‘Home’ Android app, but they may have the same Android developer and use the same code base for the apps. Similar observation has been made with recent versions of the MCH Android app and somewhat resolved by rolling back to an earlier version of the app, perhaps you could try the same with your respective app.