MyCloud Doesn't Backup At Specific Time Or Date

Hi there,

Can anyone help me with this problem I’m facing…
I’ve setup a safepoint to backup weekly and daily at a specific time…
However MyCloud doesn’t seem to backup at the specific time and date…

BTW - it’s on the latest firmware

Guys :smiley:

Are you backing up to a USB external hard drive or to some other local network location? Does the Dashboard message/alert menu option (the bell icon in the Dashboard) indicate an error or reason why the Safepoint didn’t complete?

Hi Bennor,

MyCloud is setup over the network… There’s no indicators saying any errors, simply it doesn’t back up and im clueless :slight_smile:

Previously I’ve done an OTA on the MyCloud just to update the firmware… Would you suggest to download the firmware and install directly?.


Often when there are problems the Dashboard notification/alert icon will be active:

If that Dashboard icon is active one can click on it and a list of messages will appear. One can scroll down the list to see if there are any Safepoint messages or errors.

What is the backup location? A USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud? Or a location on another computer or NAS device? If a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud then check the name of the USB drive in the Share list. There is a specific issue where a USB drive is being misnamed (appended with a number like: “_1”) in the Share listing which causes a prior created Safepoint to fail when run.

Have you tried initiating a manual backup on the Safepoint Dashboard page? If you perform a manual backup you can watch to see if there are any errors or messages when Safepoint runs.

In certain cases a 4 second reset or a 40 second system restore may fix certain issues with the My Cloud.

Thanks Bennor,

I’ll try that and will come back soon.


Hi Bennor,

The backup is setup by using Safepoint… My point is SafePoint is not initializing the backup at those specific times.
For example I’ve setup a backup named “Daily” and is configured to back up anyone PC at a time like 3:00am. That backup should initiate like every day at 3:00 am but it doesn’t. Also I’ve setup another backup called weekly and that backup should initiate every once a week… However both backs doesn’t back up anything… :open_mouth: Just to clarify to everyone I’v setup the both backups using SafePoint…

To my understanding each clients are connected to the NAS over the network, so there’s isn’t anyone connected to the NAS via USB.

We only use the USB port just to connected another HDD so we would have a backup of the backups. if you know what I mean. :wink:

If anyone else have any suggestion please feel free to comment…


Now I’m confused. You appear to be talking about backing up computers to the My Cloud in your latest post and that backup is not running at scheduled times. Are you actually talking about Smartware?

Smartware is what backs up a computer to the My Cloud. Safepoint is what backs up the My Cloud to a external USB hard drive attached to the USB port on the My Cloud or to another location on the local network. They are two different programs that perform different functions.

Sorry Bennor I meant backing from the PC to the cloud.

Okay, assuming you mean from PC to MyCloud, what tool are you using?

As Bennor says, Safepoint (Gen1/v4) or Backup (Gen2/v2) is a utility running on the MyCloud for backing up the MyCloud to another disk or NAS. It cannot control/schedule the backup of PCs.

Smartware is a utility, running on the PC, for backing up PCs to the MyCloud. I’m not sure if it has the ability to wake PCs to perform scheduled backups; you’d need to check the Smartware manual, and have a PC & OS that support scheduled wake from hibernate.