MyCloud does not work with MS Office 365 (64 bit)

I have purchased Windows 365 Home and downloaded it to my iMac. I have made the transition from MS Windows for MAC 2008 because of 32bits to 64bits. Installation went well but still have a problem. I have all documents in a WD My Cloud (personal cloud connected via WIFI). With the old Windows version I was able to edit my documents there. That does not work with Windows 365. Opening documents is successful, but very slow. Change and save does not work. When I edit documents that are on my Mac, that goes well. Does MyCloud support 64 bits??

My Cloud is a Linux based 64 bit personal cloud storage to keep your photos, videos, music and files in one place which can be accessed and shared from anywhere with the internet. So it can support 64 bit operations.

OK, Thnx, but does it work witch a iMac? And if so, can you tel me how i can change the system to to Linux 64 without loosing my data?