MyCloud Display Shows Two Devices

I installed a single WD MyCloud 2TB loaded music and pictures. All of a sudden the display shows 2 devices? Everything seems to working properly?

Hi Klaatu1947

would you please upload a screenshot of this. I dont’ understand right now, what you mean.

Tried to copy and paste a screen shot apparently not allowed in this forum. I am referencing the device count on the bottom left corner of the MyCloud display, right below the capacity chart.

I am referencing the device count on the bottom left corner of the MyCloud display, right below the capacity chart.

The ‘Cloud Devices’ is for number of devices that are ‘connected’ to your MyCloud; e.g. phones, tablets, etc. Anything running one of the WD MyCloud apps. Not the number of MyClouds.

See p40 of the user manual.

Thank you - I have read the manual - must have missed it>

Weird. I have 3 phones connected to MyCloud and I am showing 0 devices there.

Basically, I didn’t do the Get Codes stuff.
MyCloud Phone app was perfectly fine accessing MyCloud with just username and password.

Am I doing something wrong?

Never mind, found it.

Mobilizing Your Files with the My Cloud Mobile App
The My Cloud mobile app brings your files to your fingertips on your iOS and Android mobile
devices. This mobile app is available for download from various online stores.
Requirements include:
 My Cloud device connected to the Internet
 Your email address and password or a mobile device access code
generated by your My Cloud device

Looks like it’s one or the other.
But it doesn’t show on your dashboard if you use username and password.

Yes, the ‘Cloud Devices’ shows devices that have done the ‘Get Codes’ stuff…

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I have read the manual - must have missed it

To be fair to you, it really isn’t very clear…


Has anyone found a solution for this problem? I show 5 devices, but only have one physical 4TB Mycloud.


Ken Lawrence

It’s explained in this thread; have you read it?

Yes top to bottom. Does not explain how to fix. I have also contacted technical support and they could not answer.


Ken Lawrence

What is it you’re trying to fix? Based on what cpt_paranoia is saying, your device is showing how many devices are registered to your My Cloud. They may not be currently active, but they could be.

What problem? As cpt_paranoia explained above the Cloud Devices shows how many devices are connected (or have accessed) your My Cloud. Access the WD My Cloud Dashboard > Cloud Access page, then select each User from the list to see all the devices that are connected to the My Cloud under that User’s name.

I understand now. WD technical support completely misled me. They too were thinking it was multiple Mycloud devices. They told me to switch from DHCP to Static IP address to correct the problem which does nothing. They thought that it was setting up a new Mycloud device each time the IP address changed.

Thanks for the replies.