MyCloud Desktop for Windows Update

I was notified that an update for the above software was available to download, when I went to open my desktop app. This update is titled is to replace the installed version of I proceeded to download the update version from the link and continued to install the update. After accepting both agreements in relation to the update, the installation began. Then a message appeared saying the installation had failed and to contact WD MyCloud support.
I then logged into my WD account and guided myself to the download and downloaded direct from the WD website. The same result happened.
My computer OS is Microsoft Windows 10 that has the latest update installed.
Can anyone help to rectify the problem

I have Windows 10 on my Desktop and Laptop Computers and just downloaded and installed the update on both without any problems.

I downloaded it to my download folder first and then installed from there. I did not have any problems. I have Windows 10 Version 1511 OS Build 10586.122.

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