MyCloud data loss or directory missing?

First let me apologize if the answer is here and I haven’t seen it yet but I’ve been searching for over a week and I can’t find anyone else with this issue.

Second let me say that I have used nothing but WD products for backing up my files since I can remember. Possibly 17 years?

Third, I AM FREAKING OUT! I think I may have just lost my entire Graphic Design portfolio, 25 years of photos to which 5yrs of them are actual prints and the rest were digital; over 1TB of music; and my wife and mother in laws iPhone back-up. In other words I’m up a creek without a paddle.

Fourth, I also apologize for the length.

I have been using a 4TB MyCloud since August, with few issues, except for some connectivity concerns that are mainly due to TWC and their awful internet service. Since it had been nearly 5 months without issue about a month ago I deleted the back-up of my back-up on a 500GB MyBook from 2007 because I needed it for my Mac, it was full, and I had already moved everything from there to the MyCloud. I assumed everything was safe on the MyCloud.

Description of issue: I recently had a professional photographer upload a maternity photo shoot and another photo shoot of my newborn baby so I downloaded them to my Surface Pro 3 which is one of the MyCloud connected devices. Roughly 200gb worth of images.

Once DL’d I uploaded them to the MyCloud over my WiFi where I was able to locate them on the MyCloud app for my Surface Pro and my iPhone. All is good.

As I began scrolling through them, they began to stop loading in the preview window. Strange… I closed the app, restarted. All files/folders still there, but I still only see about 12 .jpegs where there should be about 100.

Then I get a pop-up from the Windows Explorer on my Surface “The network device has lost connectivity… etc”

I go upstairs and disconnect the MyCloud network cord from my cable modem/WiFi router and reconnect. Still not connecting. I disconnect the power from the MyCloud, wait 15 seconds and reconnect.

Connectivity issue solved… HOWEVER, there are 3 main folders missing. What’s strange is there are still 3 other folders that were also on the MyCloud which are still showing and that I can access.

OF COURSE, the folders with the most important data are the ones missing.

I get a network transfer cable and connect the MyCloud directly to the Surface. (Maybe the directory isn’t being read but the data is still there?)

Nothing. “The USB device you just connected cannot be recognized by Windows, try reconnecting…”

Shopped for some data recovery life-boats as a last resort. Initial quote $250-$500 and if it needs clean room treatment $750-$2000.

WTF? I just had a baby. My wife’s not working. I can’t afford this… and to add to it… I’ve lost practically my entire digital life going back to 1995. I haven’t slept in days and it’s not due to the newborn. What in the world am I going to do?

Submitted a ticket to WD through the on-line portal. No response.


First you cannot connect the My Cloud directly to a tablet/mobile device or computer via the USB port to access the My Cloud.

Second, try using another computer than the Surface tablet that is connected to the same local network as the My Cloud. Use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to browse through the Shares of the My Cloud to find the data (and or see if it’s missing).

One can also connect to the My Cloud using SSH (after enabling SSH through the My Cloud Dashboard) to see if the folders/files are still on the My Cloud but not being found via file managers like Windows File Explorer/Mac Finder. Do a subforum search, magnifying glass icon upper right, for SSH to learn how ot use it and how to search through the root level of the My Cloud to find Shares/user files.