Mycloud dasboard remote access failed

Hi Guys,

I have tried accessing remote access the dasboard. But it eventually keep failing.

I had enabled cloud and dasboard in settings and setup manual ports as well.

I did port forwarding in network as well.

I also did port forwarding in my router. But i getting timedout something like that everytime i try to hit the address

Did you check if there is an antivirus or firewall that’s blocking the connection?
Did you verify that there is Port Forwarding connection established on the Cloud?

Hi Guys
Let me know on how to enable the remote dasboard access from outside home.

MODEM-ISP-ROUTER-1 --------> ROUTER 2--------->WD EX2.

ROUTER 1 - X.X.30.X
ROUTER 2 - X.X.20.X

The above is the setup. I have to go 2 levels to reach my NAS.

2nd Router is in AP mode. which gets IP from Router 1 Primary as router.

i did port forwarding to wd ex2 IP with custom port
I did changed the port in setting menu of WD ex2- KEEPS FAILED
i did set port forward in Router 1.

I am not sure if i need set any port trigger or forward in Router 2 in AP mode.